Title Category Credit Event date Your cost
Opioid Use Disorder - December 12th, 2019
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • ABIM MOC Self Evaluation Points
$0.00 The Society of Hospital Medicine’s Center for Quality Improvement offers a unique opportunity for hospitalists to learn about quality improvement successes their colleagues are realizing at their home institutions. SHM’s Center for Quality Improvement will host a panel of two quality improvement enthusiasts to present about their quality improvement projects. These presenters will share what they have learned, strategies they have employed to overcome impediments to realizing their quality improvement objectives and review best practices for hospitalists and QI enthusiasts.
Organizational Knowledge and Leadership Skills Module - No CME Available
$0.00 The Organizational Knowledge and Leadership Skills Module is an online learning module that begins with a lesson and contains an 8 question post-test with accompanying answers, rationales, and references. When the participant selects the correct answer, immediate feedback (i.e., a rationale) is given explaining why it is the correct answer. If an incorrect answer is selected, the participant is invited to "try again". If an incorrect answer is selected a second time, the correct answer is revealed with the rationale.
Hospital Triage and Systems-Based Practice e-Module
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
$0.00 This webinar is designed to inform participants in how to build a resident curriculum for triage and disposition decision-making. In the context of Internal Medicine (IM), "triage” or “triaging" refers to a constellation of activities related to determining the most appropriate disposition/management plans for patients. When triaging, residents must skillfully navigate patient encounters with effective interprofessional communication, make appropriate evidence-based medical decisions, and coordinate care amongst complex and diverse healthcare systems.
Length of Stay Reduction – June 18th, 2019
  • ABIM MOC Self Evaluation Points
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
$0.00 Two QI Enthusiasts as they share their experiences implementing quality improvement projects aimed at Length of Stay Reduction. - Dr. Shai Gavi, DO, MPH - Dr Andrew W. Schram, MD, MBA
SHM Practice Management Series
$0.00 Welcome to the Society of Hospital Medicine’s (SHM) Practice Management Series. Join us every other month as we explore important topics within practice management, brought to you by leaders and experts from around the country.
Module 2: Overview of Society of Hospital Medicine's Facilitation of Anticoagulation for Safer Transitions (SHM FAST) Program
$0.00 SummaryThe second module of this two part series will provide and overview of the Society of Hospital Medicine's Facilitation of Anticoagulation for Safer Transitions (SHM FAST) Program. This module is a supplement to the SHM FAST Implementation Guide.Learning ObjectivesAfter completing the module, the participant will demonstrate the ability to:
SHM Consults: Perioperative and Consultative Medicine
$0.00  If you are a Program Director and would like to grant access to your trainees, please reach out to education@hospitalmedicine.org for an academic access code.
On Demand - Palliative Care Track Standalone
$149.00 Hospital Medicine (HM), the Society of Hospital Medicine's (SHM's) annual meeting is a collection of most popular tracks.
Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Clinical Cases and Image Interpretation Practice Questions
  • ABIM MOC Self Evaluation Points
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
$95.00 More and more hospitalists are now using point-of-care ultrasound as a bedside tool in the care of acutely ill patients, and the Society of Hospital Medicine is expanding its educational offerings to improve hospitalists’ point-of-care ultrasound skills. In addition to offering a hands-on workshop at the annual meeting, as well as a certification program, SHM has begun to offer online education. The Point-of-care Ultrasound Question bank provides an interactive online educational experience for learners to assess their ability to apply knowledge through a series of questions in the context of common clinical cases and image interpretation challenges.
One Group's Journey to Becoming a Team
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • Non-physician
$95.00 SummaryJoin Adia Ross, MD, MHA from Duke Raleigh Hospital as she discusses strategies her group used to change its culture to be more team-based, improve patient care and increase professional satisfaction.